Protecting client’s Intellectual property with respect to information & data.

  • Our entire Employee team need to sign a code of conduct and confidentiality, and non-disclosure agreements before beginning work with company.
  • Employees are reminded to their obligation to maintain Secrecy of the company proprietary information through regular training & Security audits.
  • Stored information in Archive is compartmentalized and accessible to only employees or a team working on section of the projects under Intellectual Property.
  • Required Physical Security arrangements, Network Related security are in place in the company.
  • Immediately revoking a departing employee’s ability to access any proprietary information.
  • Re-evaluation of working practices with security & legal experts every quarterly.

Secured Data Center (Computer room) :

  • Restricted Computer room Environment. Entry permissible to Security Admin with proper screening & logs.
  • Complete room under surveillance with camera in place.

Backup plan for Reported vulnerability :

  • With Vulnerability Management tool available in the organization which profiles all our networked devices includes up-to- date coverage of latest operating systems, application and vulnerabilities which provides us ideal foundation for assessing every system on the network.
  • Security Risk Prioritization system in place which prioritizes remediation task, enabling user to focus on the items that will most effectively reduce risk on critical system & also enables security team to best use their valuable resources to reduce highest risk.

Business continuity / Disaster Recovery Plan :

  • Downtime / Disaster cannot tolerable in our organization. In order avoid such situation Organization has IT Disaster recovery plan is in place as a part of business continuity plan.
  • These plan assist us in compiling of our inventory of hardware, software application & data which ensures that all critical information is backed up.
  • By usage of Standardized hardware assist us in replicating and reimage of new hardware ensuring copies of program software are available to enable re-installation or replacement equipment. This is useful in prioritizing hardware & software restoration.

Regular Updates from broader Security community :

  • Security team gets update on security during our internal security audit.
  • Getting updates in subscribed email from security websites.
  • Online Participating on Forums, Attending Seminars etc.

Internally Use of Project Management Tool :

  • Our team is using Team Lab cloud Application in order to maintain our project management process more effectively.
  • It assist us in managing all task assign by PM project wise, Tracking performance of team based
  • on milestone assigned to the team, Managing daily work logs of the team to check any deviation & Proper Signing off the project.