EasyTaxi+ / Car Rental Software


"Smarter way to Manage your Car / Taxi Rental & Reservation Business
by using our flagship solution (Web & Android / IOS Mobile App Based)."

Easytaxi+ / EasyCarRental is online Web Portal which provide reliable solution for Agents, Partners, Passengers, Drivers using Google Map address & predefined address.

Now both your car rental business and website can run smoothly, by accepting online reservations and managing your entire fleet, all from one single control panel. By offering highly-customizable booking system and software, your customers will be able to get exact quotes, see vehicle availability, and make online reservations from your website, with just a few clicks.

This system is user friendly fast and easy to use and structured to the specific needs for independent car and van rental agencies at affordable prices. As needs change agencies are guaranteed continuous support, improvements and upgrades.


Pick-up and Drop Location
It doesn't matter whether your business is a small entrepreneur company or a worldwide corporation; our flexible design lets your company grow as it needs too. You can, for example, start with just a couple of locations and later on, as your business grows, add more pick-up and drop-off options with extra stops, and even group them by different geographical regions. This way, you can offer your valued customers a better service. Google Mapped address made users car booking easier to find wishing Pick and Drop Locations.

You could see all your reservations right from the Control Panel, print or email them and also filter them using different criteria, like date, status, name, vehicle, locations rates, etc. From the reservation, you could edit and print a contract.

Auto Calculated Rates
Rather than calculating all of your prices manually and then manually enter them on the system, you can have the system do the entire math for you. For example, suppose your weekly rate is usually equal to the daily rate, multiplied by 5. You could just enter the daily rate for all your vehicles and then the system would automatically do the rest.

Online Interface for Agent, Partners, Drivers & Guest
Separate interface will help them to manage their own data with Booking, Invoice Facility.

Multi User Varying access level
You can add users to your account, with different access levels. You decide what they can and cannot do.

Multiple Rates
You can create multiple rates calculations for your customers, Corporate rates, Hotels rates, Travel agents, and website rates. Each rate can be filtered by locations, vehicles, seasons, charges, etc.

Payment Gateway Integration in the website
Facility to make payment in well secured manner is provided.Payment Gateway Integrated with the software to pay bills while invoicing.

Depending on the details of the reservation your customers submit, the auto-responders they receive can include in-context information like pick-up and drop-off directions, vehicle-specific instructions, or even seasonal greetings by locations. Customizing your auto-responder messages by locations, allows you to include location-specific information to your e-mails, like where your customers need to wait for you to pick them up, different contact phone, etc. You could have vehicle-specific information included to your auto-responder as well, for example, how to open the top on that convertible. Our system also sends auto responders when a reservation is edited by the customer and when they cancel. Your website is made up of different languages, and your customers will receive notification in that language.

One-way fees
When a vehicle is returned to a location other than the one it was picked-up from, you have the option of charging for a one-way fee. This fee can be tailored to any combination of pick-up and drop-off locations. For example, suppose you have three locations, A B, and C. You can setup different One-way fees between locations A and B; between locations B and C; and between locations A and C.

Optional extrases
You can setup any number of optional extras for your vehicles, like a baby seat, inside pickup, a DVD player unit, or whatever you might want to offer. Your customers will then be able to add these extras to their vehicle reservation on your website, and the quote will be recalculated accordingly.

Print Pending , Confirmed, Canceled, Voided, Units available, and Units on rent reports, also Contracts open and closed, Sales reports, Rate reports, Unit Sales Report, Reservations reports,Invoice Copies Payments received etc.

Mobility Solutions
In order to give quick access to data, We have made standard Apps. ready for Android as well as I-phone Mobile Users.


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