Event Management System



The planning and managing of "events" involves everything from recording the customer's contact information when they first inquire about space to billing them at the completion of their successful event, and everything in between.

EventSoftPro facility and resource scheduling systems have tools for every phase of the process, including two of the most important steps: Booking of an event, and coordinating the use of resources like catering, A/V equipment, and personnel


Event Management Applications India

Highlights :

  • EventSoftPro with Stock management, Manufacturing, Sales and Rentals, maintain entire client’s event other works. It maintain large volume of secured data with less time needed in generating output reports.
  • EventSoftPro is divided in eight parts, namely ‘Master’, ‘Transaction’, ‘Repair’, ‘Report’, Utility’, ‘Live Screen’, ‘TAX Invoice’ and ‘Activity Details’
  • Keep information of organization’s Employee. Client, vendor, Go-down, Expenses, product, Template, stock, site details, Live Screens for Go-down, Sales person, Complete Running events etc.
  • Additional IP wise different live screen to know status of current events.
  • Provision to auto calculates product details for proposed screen size from client./li>
  • Using mobile, engineer can be enter start/end/remark/faulty details from event site also.
  • Also keep records of Faulty products and assign it for repairing.
  • Useful Reports in Graphical Presentation.
  • User & Utility Management