About Company
Videocon Industries Limited is a large diversified Indian company headquartered in Mumbai. The group has 17 manufacturing sites in India and plants in Mainland China, Poland, Italy and Mexico.
Videocon provides a work environment that nourishes talent and empowers one to be the best they can. Though we are greatly driven by performance, we are also deeply rooted in traditional values.
Creativity and autonomy:
An individual's creativity is the basis for value creation. Videocon respects diversity and autonomy, allowing each of its employees to exercise their creativity to the fullest.
Equal opportunities:
Equal opportunities build trust among people. Videocon ensures equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, age, religion, and nationality.
Long-term perspective:
Maintaining a long-term perspective is the foundation for Videocon's HR policies. Videocon's HR programs are designed and implemented with dedication and persistence.
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