Software Development



Our Delivery Models
Development & Consulting assignments what we do, requires the complete reliable delivery models for the partnership to work to our Client's advantage in terms of efficiency and cost. We have a very effective delivery models which will ensure:

Software Development Solutions Company in Mumbai
  • Fast Turnaround
  • High Quality
  • Effective Solutions

Software Development Solutions Company in Mumbai

Our Methodologies

The adoption of a cohesive methodology derived from combining industry leading principles and concepts, is critical to successful development. We choose the best suited software development methodology based on important project considerations, such as project scope, deliverables, and requirements, to name a few. Any project's development process begins only after an appropriate software development methodologies has been mutually decided such as:

  • Waterfall Development Model
  • Agile Development Model

We can also quickly adopt to any other methodologies suggested by the Clients.

Tools & Technologies

Software Development Solutions Company in Mumbai
  • Software Development: .NET, Google Map API, RFID & Biometric SDKs, GPS API, SMS API, Short Code API, etc.
  • Web Base Development: .NET, PHP, AJEX, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, XML, HTML5, Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, Payment Gateways APIs, etc.
  • Mobile Base Development: .NET,Android SDK, IOS SDK, etc.
  • Database: SQL Server, MySQL, etc.
  • Web Servers: IIS, Apache-Tomcat, etc.
  • Operating Systems: Windows (All Versions), Linux, etc.
  • Project Management: Teamlab, Bit Bucket, Git GUI, etc.


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