Web Application Development



Primetech Software offers following easy to implement Intranet & Extranet Solutions which are customized in such a manner to accelerate your business & facilitates communication with your target group, customers and employees.

Web Development Services

Public Facing Websites

  • Designing Dynamic & GOOGLE friendly website to ensure smooth searching in Search Engines.
  • Allow Business Users to update and collaborate on Web Contents.
  • Ensure brand and Web content consistency across multiple websites and in multiple languages.
  • Deliver a targeted experience to visitors, providing information they care about while driving them to action which you desire.


  • Consolidate multiple departments in environment.
  • Dynamic & User Friendly Interfaces to personalize employee experiences and facilitate increased efficiency.
  • Provide secured environment where employee can access information systems anytime,anywhere within the organization
  • Understand and harness the valued of content by delivering information it to right person at right time.


  • Exchange large data using Electronic Data Interchange or XML.
  • Integrate back-end systems and deliver content in an environment that enables success.
  • Improving relationship with potential customers by giving them correct, precise and efficient information.
  • Enable cross-sell and up-sell of products with a personalized experience for key customers and partners.


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